Series Spotlight and Preview: A Breed Apart by Ronie Kendig

These Heroes Have Seen Combat. So Have Their Handlers.
From Ronie Kendig Comes An Inspiring New Series About Military War Dogs.

ProductImageHandlerFrom Christy Award finalist, Ronie Kendig, comes a compelling story of man and beast—ripped right from the headlines. Trinity: Military War Dog tells the story of a former Green Beret and his military war dog as they struggle to rescue an undercover intelligence officer on a deadly mission.

An ambush in the Afghan mountains left Green Beret Heath Daniels reeling from the effects of traumatic brain injury and forced him and his special ops military war dog, Trinity, to leave the job they loved. Now a motivational speaker, Heath seeks new purpose training other handlers and their canines for the rigorous duty. Military intelligence officer Darci Kintz uses her cover in a geological survey team to gain vital information on the Taliban. A startling discovery in the Hindu Kush leaves her team dead and Darci captured. Can Heath and Trinity rescue Darci on the greatest—and possibly the last—mission of their lives?

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Author Q&A

ProductImageHandlerQ: This is the first book in your new A Breed Apart series. How does this series differ from your previous Discarded Heroes series?

A: Just as the Discarded Heroes focused on military heroes and unsung heroes, so does the A Breed Apart series save one difference—the heroes are dogs! Military War Dogs! A Breed Apart takes an in‐depth look at the dogs who have saved tens of thousands of lives in combat theaters, and it also explores the relationship between dog and handler.

Q: What can readers expect from Trinity: Military War Dog? 

A: Readers can expect a true “Rapid‐Fire Fiction” read within the pages of Trinity. As in all of my books, there is action, danger, romance, and a love for our military. While this series might have a different “rhythm,” it still bears all the earmarks of a Ronie Kendig novel, and I’m so excited for readers to learn about these amazing military heroes who have leaped onto the scene.

Q: In your Discarded Heroes series, there was an overlap of characters between books. Can readers look forward to seeing Heath, Darci, and Trinity in the upcoming books?

A: In the Discarded Heroes, the team “Nightshade” remained a constant through all four books, though each novel focused on one individual member. With A Breed Apart, the handlers are known and make appearances in each book, but the recurring, active team will be “ODA452,” a team of Special Forces soldiers attached to military intelligence. Part of the reasoning behind this technique is that military war dogs have areas of specialty—war dog, combat tracking, explosives detection, etc. Therefore, to maximize awareness of these amazing canines and their training/trainers, you (generally) won’t see Trinity in a tactical scene where Talon (Book Two) is also working. For the most part, this is true‐to‐life of the military war dog community and their procedures. Most of the time, there is one dog on a mission with troops, though they might be kenneled or trained at the same facility.

Q: Throughout this novel, Heath struggles with his medical discharge, feeling lost and purposeless without his military career. What advice do you have for readers who, like Heath, are struggling to find a new purpose for their lives?

A: I met my husband at age 19, fresh from a knee injury that shattered his military career. Firsthand, I lived and saw how the man who’d intended to be career military struggled with finding new meaning and worth with a life outside the military. The amazing thing is that God had beautiful plans for him that incorporated his heart and love for the military but also enabled him to have a new perspective to be able to help others. Challenging times like that are hard to get through, but there is purpose, there is meaning. We just have to choose to see them.

Q: Ultimately, what do you hope readers take away from Trinity: Military War Dog?

A: As with the Discarded Heroes, my goal in writing about our military heroes is awareness. Through that awareness, I hope for three things: that knowledge would be shared, that readers would put that knowledge into action by supporting our troops (through charitable organizations and the like), and that we would all pray for our heroes who make sacrifices everyday and for the families of those heroes.

Coming May 2013Talon (A Breed Apart #2)


Aspen Courtland is out to find her missing brother. Only his combat tracking dog, Talon, knows where to look. Problem is, after a brutal attack that separated dog and handler, Talon’s afraid of his own shadow. The search is on, but when one mistake means disaster, can Talon muster the courage for one last mission?

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