Review: A Path Toward Love by Cara Lynn James

About the Book

Katherine came home to forget her past.

The last thing she expected is a hopeful future.

Young widow Katherine Osborne returns to her family’s rustic camp on Raquette Lake in the Adirondack Mountains. She’s determined to live a quiet life, but her socialite mother is equally determined to push her into a new marriage while she’s still young.

Andrew Townsend has known Katherine since they were children. An attorney who is successful, but not wealthy, he knows she is socially out of his reach. But he’s curious what changed the free-spirited girl he once knew into this private, somber young woman.

Katherine has kept hidden the details of her unsuccessful marriage. When past sins come to light, she must turn to God for the courage to be honest. But how can she trust the God she feels has let her down? When she confides in Andrew, their relationship takes a dramatic turn into uncharted territory.

Amid impossible obstacles, two young people must learn to trust enough to walk the path that God has cleared for them. A path that leads to healing and restoration. A path toward love.

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My Review

Katherine Osborne’s life appears to be coming apart at the seems. Her fateful marriage and the untimely death of her husband bring the return of her domineering and manipulative parents who had abandoned her after she defied them and married against their wishes. She is facing financial destitution but pride and obligation prohibit her from selling her orchards to her brother-in-law. Katherine seizes the opportunity to buy her orchard time by agreeing to visit her parents at their cabin (read: resort) in the Adirondack Mountains in exchange for a loan from her prestigious father. But no loan comes without strings and her parents use her indebtedness to strong arm her in to what they think is her rightful place. To complicate issues, her childhood best friend (who suffers from unrequited love) is at hand to confuse her heart and make her yearn for things she had resolved never to pursue, namely a loving marriage and children.

Initially Katherine comes across as an incredibly resilient and independent woman who has endured painful trials with dignity, but  once she arrives at her parents lair she becomes surprisingly fickle. One minute she is confident and resolute to her convictions and the next she is buckling to her parent’s demands with the slightest threat they make against her beloved orchard. Her vacillating between two men-one for whom she only has platonic feelings and the other whom she loves-became frustrating and tiring since her actions are often in contradiction to her inner dialogue. Nevertheless, the romantic storyline between Andrew and Katherine is sweetened by nostalgia and genuine affection.

The storyline leads readers through various twists that ultimately result in a satisfying resolution. Cara Lynn James providers readers with another sweet period romance that many will find an enjoyable read.

Rating: 7/10

**Disclosure: Reader copy provided by Thomas Nelson for review consideration** 


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    Thanks so much for your thoughts on this novel. I don’t read a lot of historical romance, so I appreciate a good review to make my choice. BTW, the cover of this book is beautiful.

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